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Composite Bath Benches with Back

Composite Bath Benches with Back (1 per EA)


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� Bath benches help patients who have difficulty sitting in a standard bath tub or standing in the shower. � Benches with a back give extra support and comfort. � Non-slip, rubber feet resist slipping on the bathtub or shower floor. � Legs are height-adjustable for a proper fit. � Durable and rustproof all-plastic construction. � Comes with an extra deep and wide seat for user comfort. � Removable arms help aid patient balance, but can be removed for easier transfers. � 300-lb. (136 kg) Weight capacity; Seat height, 17"-21.5" (43 cm-55 cm); Seat depth, 16.75" (43 cm); Seat width, 22" (56 cm).


Additional features
Value 1 21 cm
Value 2 700 gr.
Value 3 10 person
Value 4 14 cm
Value 5 plastic

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